Newbie to the blog world

I’m new to this whole blogging world, but willing to give it a shot and try anything.

A little about me, my name is Matt Wilson and I’m an aspiring Voice Over Actor.  I began my pursuit in voice over after a ten year career in law enforcement.  I felt it was time that I pursue a career that I feel passionate about, and haven’t looked back since!  Voice over is amazing for me in that it allows me to interact with a wide range of people, and is therapeutic.

As some may know, before my voice over career, I served in the U.S. Air Force as enlisted Security Forces.  Like so many unfortunate soldiers, I was diagnosed with PTSD after my tour in Iraq.  Having been diagnosed with PTSD has been a challenge, but luckily with my friends and family, I have been coping.  Times are tough though, and after a four year hiatus from the military, I re-enlisted into the California Air National Guard as a Space System Operator.  Luckily, this alternative career move is not as high stress as my former deployment ready career, and I work with some amazingly smart and interesting people.

Thank you to everyone for your support with challenges I’ve faced, and thank you for your support in my move towards voice over.  Like any job, it takes time and resources to be successful.  I look forward to the future and the classes to help hone my craft, and developing a healthy relationship with the clients I meet and help make their projects a success!

– Matt


  1. Welcome Matt! How did you get started? Voice over is something I have always been interested in but cannot seem to find the right information about how to get started

    1. Hi Lana, when I was in the Air Force I worked as a dispatcher sometimes and people mentioned I should look into voiceover. I never took it seriously til I quit my last job.

      I at first dabbled in the pay to play sites, where you read a clients script and may get offered the job. After realizing I enjoy voiceover as more than a hobby, I took classes through Edge Studio. With Edge Studio, they teach not just techniques for different genres in voiceover, but also offer classes in marketing, business, home studio and more. If you really are interested, check them out at

  2. I use and I’ve been invited to which is a P2P in it’s beta stage. With you have to pay a subscription fee, and the producers take a 20% cut of your proposal to the client. There is grumbling of P2P sites in the voiceover community, as some people feel the quality of talent is sub-par, and clients only go with client who lower their rates only to secure a job. It’s also hard to get a job as sometimes you’ll have over a hundred people audition for a 30 second script. You really have to be on top of it and be the first few to answer a job.

    I haven’t had much luck securing work with P2P, but it has been excellent in providing training and practicing. also maintains a blog and offers additional classes and webinars. Personally, after my year subscription with, I wont resubscribe as I feel I’ve gained more work doing my own marketing and contacting production houses. Getting representation with an agent is something I’m working on right now.

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