Playback Recording Studio

Met an awesome person that works at Playback, Ann. She taught my foster parenting class and helped with certification. You go Ann!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a tour of Playback Recording Studio in Santa Barbara, California.

At the front door I was promptly met by Playback audio technician Daniel.  From the moment I walked in I was stunned.  The arrangement of decor, the low, warm lighting, and architecture of the facility itself lent credit to the creative minds of the people that designed and work in the recording studio.  The mirrored echo chamber was a beautiful sight to behold and gave the appearance of a portal that leads and compels you to find out whats at the other end.  Stepping through the other end of the chamber accessed the live room, which was a tremendous room begging to be filled with the sound of music.  The isolation booth, which is where part of the magic happens for voice over, was located at the far end of the live room, and was…

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