2.0 Two_Point_Oh

Yes, I know it’s been a while.  Trust me, I’ve been plenty busy with voice over and keeping America safe with my Air Force guard responsibilities.  No I haven’t been lazing about!  I’ve been expanding my performances into theatre.

As of late, I’ve be an active member with the Lompoc Civic Theatre.  This year, I have been given the most excellent oppourtunity to be casted in the production “2.0 Two_Point_Oh” written by Jeffrey Jackson.  This has been an amazing experience, which I have enjoyed greatly.  It’s so rewarding to work with a group of people who have a common goal in mind, and push themselves to be their very best in an effort to bring a project to fruition.

Elliot Leeds is dead—or is he?
A pioneering software mogul, Leeds makes headlines one last time when his private jet plunges into the Pacific. Months later, his grief-paralyzed widow Melanie discovers Elliot’s greatest creation: a virtual-reality simulation of himself that he masterminded before his demise. Programmed with advanced artificial intelligence, thousands of hours of his recorded thoughts and speech, and a digital re-creation of his face and body, “Elliot 2.0” is a talking, thinking, virtual soul. And though merely an image on the video screens of their wired, high-tech mansion, it—he—can answer questions, hold conversations, share memories, and perhaps even grow in intelligence and capacity. The question is… is he alive?

Directed by Larry McLellan.  Come out to Lompoc, wine and dine before the show at the numerous wineries in town, and “wind” your night down with Lompoc Civic Theatre as it presents:  “Jeffrey Jackson’s: 2.0 Two_Point_Oh”.

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